Suggested Vendors

Here are some suggested vendors for procurement of vacuum components, materials, fasteners, and related items. Purchase options vary widely; some accept only credit cards, others take purchase orders. We have open accounts with some suppliers– if you are with a BU research group the SIF can purchase items and bill you.

Industrial Suppliers (Easy to use websites; good for browsing)

Material (Most metals and plastics)

Vacuum (These vendors can supply most vacuum needs)

Machine Vendors (Larger Machines, mills, etc.)

Informational Resources

  • William Doxford and Sons – a fascinating look at how it was done 50-80 years ago, pre CNC
  • eFunda – The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers
  • Engineers Edge – Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions
  • GlobalSpec – Engineering Search & Industrial Supplier Catalogs
  • ThomasNet – CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Gaskets, Fasteners and other industrial products and services.
  • Design Squad – PBS KIDS GO!